Sherman 300


– Green LED Front
– 300 Wrms Output Power
– Power Vacuum Tubes: KT88 x 6 Pcs
– Preamp Vacuum Tubes: 12AT7 x 2 Pcs, 12AU7 x 1Pc, 12AX7 x 1Pc
– High-efficiency Toroidal Transformer with Resettable Thermal Fuse
– Input Jack with -10dB PAD Button Switch and Indication,LED
– Gain Control with Boost Button Switch and Indication LED
– Bass Control
– Middle Control with Frequency Shift Button and Indication LED
– Treble Control
– Master Volume Control
– Illuminated Power Switch
– Standby Switch
– Speaker Output Jacks with Impedance Select Switch
– Tuner Out
– XLR Type Balanced Line Out
– Bias Adjustable for Using Other Types of Power Tubes
– Dimensions: 560W x 270H x 310D mm
– Weight: 26 Kgs